Impact Statements

2015 Impact Statement

In 2015, the LPMC had a very successful year. We raised over 18,000 dollars to renovate a brand new piano lab for the People's Music School that  includes state-of-the-art keyboards and teaching equipment. In addition, we have tutored People's Music School students throughout the year, helping them not only learn the fundamentals of piano, but to appreciate music as a whole.

2016 Impact Statement

In 2016, we had another special year. The LPMC raised $75,000 dollars to help and renovate the recite hall in the Beethoven Museum Heiligenstadt; it is the first and only Beethoven museum in Austria. Our LPMC students will be performing there in a dedication concert on November 22, 2017. Additionally, we raised over $10,000 at a student recital and holiday concert, which we will use to help music programs in various public schools in the Chicagoland area. 

2017 Impact Statement

In 2017, we raised 28,000 dollars for the inter American Magnet School in Lakeview for a new piano lab. This lab includes 32 brand new keyboards for the students to learn and practice on. In November, 18 students and families will be traveling to Vienna for the dedication concert for the Beethoven Museum Heilingenstadt which will include 9 concerts for students and general public for the opening day, reception at the City Hall by the Mayor of Vienna, and a Dedication ceremony concert hosted by American Ambassador of Austria.