Julian Lee-Zacheis is 16 years old and a junior at the Latin School of Chicago. He has played piano for 12 years, 7 of those with Ms. Kim. Music is a hugely important part of Julian’s life, both compelling him to work had at something as well as being a great outlet for his artistic ideas and emotions. Julian is on the Beneficiaries Committee and the Marketing Committee. 

Nikolas (Nika) Bochorishvili, age 16 and is a sophomore at the British International School of Chicago.  Nika has been playing piano with Miss. Kim for four years. Studying piano has taught Nika about determination, integrity and how to being prepared for life in a much bigger sense. Nika is the head of the Beneficiaries Committee

Sepehr Salehi is 16 years old, and is part of the Lincoln Park Music Center. He is currently a sophomore at the British International School of Chicago, South Loop and takes his piano seriously. Since joining LPMC five years ago, he has been taught to appreciate the art of piano, and is on his path of performing some complicated pieces on the piano. Sepehr is the chairperson for the website committee, and also contributes to the fundraising committee.

Leo Hoplamazian is 15 years and has been playing piano with Miss Kim for 9 years. He is in the 9th grade at the Latin School of Chicago. Music and piano have shaped who he is over the years and has played a huge role in his life. 

Andrew Young is 14 years old and in the 8th grade at the Latin School. He has been taking piano lessons from Ms. Kim for 6 years and feels very fortunate to be one of her students. Playing the piano has been a transforming experience for Andrew. In addition to learning the importance of hard work and perseverance, he feels that music gives him an emotional outlet that helps him put things in perspective.

Claire Lee-Zacheis is 14 years old and she attends Latin School of Chicago. She has played piano for 9 years, 7 of which were with Ms. Kim. Music has always played a large role in her life even before she played piano and her passion has grown ever since.

Nicholas Chu  is 15 years old and a sophomore at the Latin School of Chicago. He has been playing piano with Ms. Kim for 11 years. From a young age, Piano instilled in him a passion for music that has greatly influenced his life. Nick is the head of the Fundraising Committee.

Geoffrey Feinstein is 15 years of age, he a Freshman at Whitney M.Young Magnet High School. He has studied with Ms Kim for the past 10 years and developed a lifelong appreciation for music. He enjoys improvising songs on the piano as well as trumpet. Geoff is on the website committee.

Bennett Chow, 14 years old and attends Loyola Academy.  He has been studying with Miss Kim for about seven years.  Playing the piano gives Bennett the opportunity to see how putting forth effort results in him achieving his musical goals.  It's also a lot of fun.