For thirty years, Miss Whe Do Kim has provided a nurturing environment for her Lincoln Park Music Center (LPMC) students to grow into responsible, resilient and loving adults. As her students, we believe that artistic expression is essential for fostering positive emotional development, especially for those who have grown up in difficult circumstances. Using the talents and passion that we have gained through our time with Miss Kim, we established the Lincoln Park Music Center (LPMC) Foundation to provide a similar experience for others.  

Our vision is to share the benefits of a creative education that we, as students, families, and supporters of LPMC, have had the opportunity to experience first-hand.  We want the beneficiaries of our program to develop positive self-esteem through music by learning skills that will help them throughout their lives. We also hope to create lasting bonds with the children that we mentor, bonds that exemplify the reciprocity of helping those in need. 


As we have experienced, art can provide a healthy way to express pent-up emotions. We believe that artistic expression is essential for cultivating positive self-esteem, resilience, and pride. Self-worth is integral to the well-being of all children, but especially to those who live in underserved communities.


The LPMC Foundation will be managed by the current and former students of Miss Kim and LPMC with supervision from the LPMC Foundation Board of Directors and parent volunteers.  We will strive to maintain a sustainable, integrity-driven foundation that will tirelessly look forward.  Our involvement with the LPMC Foundation will continue to foster our own character development and understanding of how to live a life based on Love, Peace, Mercy and Compassion.