What are the requirements to qualify for a grant? 

Grants are awarded to Chicago-based organizations focused on improving children's lives through music. For more specific information, please click here

How do I apply for a grant?

See above!

Will LPMC Foundation provide monetary donations to assist with building a current program or sponsor other organizations? 

In 2015, LPMC Foundation will be identifying and investigating existing organizations with programs that support musical education in underserved areas in Chicago.  

How can I become a sponsor/partner of LPMC Foundation? 

Please go to Donate where there are listed several methods of donation: web, mail, phone.  Please let us know if you have any feedback on our giving process.

Are there other ways to help and/or volunteer with LPMC Foundation apart from monetary donations? 

We will be planning various fundraising events for LPMC Foundation.  If we have volunteer needs for these activities, please let us know you're interested.

How do I donate instruments or other supplies/equipment? 

Please feel free to contact our beneficiaries for their current equipment needs.

How do you select beneficiaries of LPMC Foundation? 

We network with other foundations and charities in the area that have similar interests as ours.  In addition, we research musical education organizations about their programming and financial attributes.  We're looking for financially efficient and sound organizations that align with our mission and values.  Enduring leadership is a strong benefit.