The Lincoln Park Music Center Foundation is a volunteer, student-managed, fundraising organization for the Lincoln Park Music Center (LPMC) and our inspiration, music teacher Miss Whe Do Kim. For over 30 years, Miss Kim has nurtured the artistic talents of Chicago piano students. She founded LPMC in 1985 and has been helping students to grow into responsible, resilient, and loving adults ever since.

This foundation is to provide a similar experience for disadvantaged students. We believe that artistic expression is essential for cultivating positive self-esteem, resilience, and pride. Self-worth is integral to the well-being of all children, but especially to those who live in underserved communities.

How We do It:

We seek out organizations that are aligned with our vision and our values.  With an objective of raising an endowment of $1 million, we aim to provide at least $50,000 of funding to these programs in a calendar year. 

As a volunteer, student-managed organization, we intend to sustain very low operating expenses so that we can maximize our impact. We also will do rigorous research on the organizations we select.  While many local organizations are not reviewed on charity research sites like Charity Navigator, we will use sites such as Guidestar to understand as much as we can about the program. We will also make personal visits to the organization so we can see how they are making a difference.

Currently, we are focused on supporting non-profit or 501(c)3 organizations that provide musical education opportunities for children living and learning in areas of Chicago with limited access to music programs during their regular school day.  Right now organizations receiving aid are curated, we aren't accepting applications at this time.  Examples of potential beneficiaries include:

Merit School of Music

Intonation Music Workshop

Foundations of Music

Musical Arts Institute