To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Lincoln Park Music Center and its founder, Miss Whe Do Kim, students and families will launch the LPMC Foundation on February 14, 2015. at its annual concert.  It is obviously not a coincidence that Miss Kim chose Valentines Day to launch an organization focused on teaching lessons in Love, Peace, Mercy and Compassion or LPMC.

The LPMC Foundation carries Miss Kim's unique philosophy and talents regarding Medium, Message and Mastery to students in underserved communities.  For 30 years, Miss Kim has used her educational mastery of the piano medium to message ideals that can help children develop into responsible and loving adults.  The LPMC experience teaches life lessons about diligence and defeat, about resilience and reward, and about collaborating and coping.  These are life-long tools that make for striving and thriving adults.

At the concert, current student members of the Foundation will be performing.  Many of the graduated students of the Foundation will be in the audience to share in the celebration.